and ▓stimulus plan for the automobile industry released on November 20, Beijing's automob▓ile industry output will have an annual growth rate of over 15 percent between 2009 and 2010, with an optimum target of 20 percent growth. The ▓industry's

output value is expected to reach between 160 and 180 bi▓lli

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tively improved the workin
g environment of sanitation workers.According

to the specific adjustment

on yuan in 2010, and its added value will account for 10 percent of Beijing's total industrial output or 2.5 percent of▓ the city's total economic output.The adjustment and stimulus plans released ▓on November 20 also covered four other industries 鈥?urb

an-oriented industries, biological medicine, equipment manufacturing and new energy. The main business revenue of Beijing's urban industry will reach 150 billion yuan in 2011, with over 80 percent coming from four sub-industries - food and beverage, apparel and textiles, printing

and packing, and arts and crafts. Meanwhile, efforts should be ▓made to fost

er the development of independent brands and to develop five conglomer▓ates with over 10-billion-yuan in business revenue.The Beijing municipal adjustment and stimulus plan for the biological and medical industry specifies that the industry should become one of t

he most important R&D▓ centers, high-end manufacturing bases and marketing ce

nters in the world. The industry hopes to realize an annual ▓growth rate target of over 18 percent, 52 billion yuan in total industrial output in 2011 and 63 bi▓llion yuan in medical sales revenue. The total economic output of the industry is expected to e

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